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Large Size Pet House Cottage (Large)

Market Price: RM 434.70

SMW3190R = 1 UNIT 1 Layer Window Cloth Hanger

Market Price: RM 126.60

SMW3190NR = 1 UNIT 2 Layer Window Cloth Hanger

Market Price: RM 222.75

A Better Living - IRIS Ohyama Home Storage Products

Large Single Storage Drawer (White) SBC3450L

Market Price: RM 97.20

Small Single Storage Drawer (White) SBC3450S

Market Price: RM 68.00

Large Single Storage Drawer (White) SBC3500L

Market Price: RM 114.00

Small Single Storage Drawer (White) SBC3500S

Market Price: RM 76.60

SMW3190NR = 1 UNIT 2 Layer Window Cloth Hanger

Market Price: RM 222.75

SMW3190R = 1 UNIT 1 Layer Window Cloth Hanger

Market Price: RM 126.60

#OrganizedOffice Challenge - IRIS OHYAMA Desktop Organizers

Welcome to IRIS Ohyama Online Store!

Established in Japan in 1971, IRIS Ohyama Japan is one of the largest brands in big markets such as Japan, China, Europe and America. With many years of experience in producing products that aims to increase the living standard of consumers, IRIS Ohyama is constantly developing new products every year, and covering areas such as household products, electric appliances, healthcare products and more. As for IRIS Ohyama Online Store Malaysia, we are assigned by the principle company IRIS Ohyama Inc. in Japan, IRIS Home Concept Sdn Bhd is Malaysia's sole market expansion services provider for the IRIS Ohyama Brand.

IRIS Ohyama Malaysia strives to offer a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a large amount and quality product offering in categories ranging from home storage, face mask, home drawers, storage containers, pet products and more. IRIS Ohyama Malaysia is always striving to offer its customers the best possible offering – including FREE SHIPPING, coupon code, flash sales and more. IRIS Ohyama Malaysia - Quality Products, Affordable Pricing Online shopping has brought lots of convenience, which is why everyone loves online shopping. IRIS Ohyama Malaysia's main responsibility is to offer high quality products where consumers can obtain with ease.

We feel that Malaysian consumers deserved much better. Check out IRIS Ohyama's stylish storage boxes which is available in multiple sizes and configurations. Looking for some stylish cabinets to make use of your space? IRIS Ohyama Malaysia has it all. Looking for various home appliances such as kitchen organisers? Shop now on IRIS Ohyama Online Store Malaysia!

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING All Year Long only on IRIS Ohyama Malaysia! Shop to your heart's content and enjoy lower prices for your purchases!

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